Photo Credit: Mike Van

Photo Credit: Mike Van

You shoot a variety of subjects and settings. Do you have a favorite niche of photography you'd like to work in exclusively, or is diversity an aspect of your work that you always want to maintain?

I tend to go through different phases and really just shoot what I feel.  For that reason, I'd like to maintain the flexibility to be able shoot a variety of different subjects. Before weddings & portraits, I was really into shooting fashion & products, I wanted to shoot everything outdoors because of lighting.  I consider both scenarios equally fun and would have a really hard time choosing one over the other.  So, in a perfect world I'd be able to get work doing a little bit of it all.



If I could afford to photograph everyone for free, i would do it in a heartbeat. I truly believe that memories are priceless, and art has no monetary value, please don't hesitate to ask me if there's a way we can grab a cup of coffee and work something out. I can't guarantee anything, but please at least try.

All of my Digital Packages include all of your photos on a thumb drive, as well as the copyrights to all of your images. This is the equivalent of owning the negatives produced by a film camera, and gives you the ability to make your own reprints or enlargements anytime you want, either on your home printer or at a professional photo lab. All of my packages that included the photos are printed in a professional photography lab using pro-quality paper. 

* Custom packages for print/books are available per request.

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