Photo By: Mike Van

Photo By: Mike Van

You shoot a variety of subjects and settings. Do you have a favorite niche of photography you'd like to work in exclusively, or is diversity an aspect of your work that you always want to maintain?

I tend to go through different phases and really just shoot what I feel.  For that reason, I'd like to maintain the flexibility to be able shoot a variety of different subjects. Before that, I was really into shooting fashion & products, I wanted to shoot everything outdoors because of lighting.  I consider both scenarios equally fun and would have a really hard time choosing one over the other.  So, in a perfect world I'd be able to get work doing a little bit of it all.

When did your love for photography begin?

Hmm... Picking up my first camera back in 2005 I couldn't help myself just wanting to capture images that interested me at the time. 

Where are you with photography?

Throughout the years I’ve been blessed and privileged to shoot for friends & family, events, and advertisements. Shortly but surely, photography became my passion. This year in 2012, with the support of God, family, and friends, I decided to take it on full-time. My wife has always been my number one supporter, she pushes and drives me to become better, recently she has joined me and we have become a team to make this dream come to life. As a couple, we both have strong attention to detail, and with her eyes and a creative twist of my own, we are able to create unlimited possibilities. We are still growing as photographers and welcome challenges. We strive to make our clients vision come to life and are always open to new ideas.



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